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Intruders # 1: Will the real AUB please stand up?

September 9, 2010

In an attempt to conserve the real identity of  AUB, and staying true to Wisdom and Honer, we here, Behind the Green Oval have searched the World Wide Web and have uncovered MILLIONS and MILLIONS of fraudulant and fake organizations that breach the originality and cool of our beloved AUB. Thus forth we bestow upon you Article #22 of the Book of Wisdom and Honer at AUB that you can find in Jafet: This Article #22 clearly explains the importance of the real AUB, to stand up and throw dust upon the faces of all the other AUBs that are just imitating. Here is a series of some of intruders that are out there in the Internet, spreading their messages, living their lives, lies, and damaging AUB’s website hits. “These things out there, that dare to to call themselves AUB… They are NOT AUB. And one day, we shall conquer these infidels and nothing will stop us from total world domination” explained an AUB official.

Intruder NUMBA’ 1: Asia United Bank –

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