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Secret Message in AUB Student Handbook

November 10, 2010

Student Handbook Front
Student after spending ONE semester at AUBThe


AUB official color is red. That is no coincidence if you see the hidden messages that are placed in this year’s AUB student Handbook. “We are not sure who sent the pictures but all we know was that it came from a higher athority and we had to do whatever we are told…. I woudn’t pass my courses if I said no!” Explains a student Graphic Designer in the work/study/fail program. She worked on the student handbook. This is one of the many Work/Study/Fail cases that are found everywhere on our campus. The concept of WSF is the fact that students work, study very powerfully but end up failing their course.

“It’s crazy, but I like it.”

Said the Dean of Student Handbooks, durring our interview last week. He told the Oval that the color green was chosen because nature is green and it’s important. However, no coment was given after the Oval asked if it had any similarities to the official colors of LAU, the Lebanese American University.





“Yes! It does look like it a lot! But no.” 


Said another WSF Graphic design student that worked  on the student handbook when comparing the poster of “The Exorcism of Emilie Rose” and the front page of the student handbook. However, there was no evidence of any link between both of these images. The WSF Graphic Design student could not be found after he gave the Oval that statement. If you ever find a Graphic Design student with blood shot eyes, and black pants and tshirt, please send an email to…. (He might be haunted).Left: Before ONE semester at AUB. Right: After ONE semester at AUBThe most intriguing hidden message that you can find in the handbook is the comparison between the back and front cover.

Left: Before ONE semester at AUB. Right: After ONE semester at AUB

On the back, you can see a lovely new and fresh LAU student that just transfered to AUB. She is on her way to her first Math Class in Lower Campus, she is already 15 minutes late.

On the front cover, you can see the same LAU student after spending one Semester at AUB. She is sporting the latest Abou Naji Coffee and Exam Previouses of this season. She is going back to Jafet to continue studying. The picture was taken on a Saturday morning.

Good luck little ones, and may exams keep you up all night 😉

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  1. pissed off at the writer permalink
    February 15, 2011 4:17 pm

    just because you failed to complete your studies at AUB doesn’t mean that there’s a conspiracy theory behind it all..every institution has its downsides and mistakes, still it doesn’t mean that it is bound to haunt its students and turn them into geek freaks!
    plus you have no evidence to prove the girl in the picture is the same person, and if it was a sarcastic metaphor…you should at least let your readers know..

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