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No one really knows when The Green Oval really happened. What is known is that The Green Oval is more than just Green grass that grew in to an Oval. It’s a place where people pass or a stop and lay down. It’s where people meet and hang-out or even make-out. It’s a place where the  grass is always Green. The Sun always shines and it’s muddy when it rains. Regardless, The Green Oval will probably not go down in history. But here is where History 101 books are put down. Moodle classes are closed. Homework is postponed. Quizzes are delayed. And most importantly, history will be made. Just lay there one day, under the sun and you’ll get the idea…

Behind The Green Oval: BTGO is about bringing back the ‘U’ to ‘AUB’. We are a group of students who want to make the world a bit more fun for us here at the AU of Beirut. And we found that Behind The Green Oval is the best place to start it all.

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