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AUB Folk Dance Festival, Pregaming for Finals

May 27, 2010

THIS Year….. THIS Spring Semetester…. Witness AUB’s Largest event of DANCE and EXCITEMENT that will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

PUBLIC SCHOOLS in association with other SCHOOLS present to you AUB’s FOLK DANCE FESTIVAL!!!

Folk Dance


Get your TICKETS NOW because you HAVE TO! They are available at West Hall under the tree where the smoking area used to be.

*Tickets are 3.34$ including NO DRINKS!

*The event has a strict Oval Policy where anyone can enter.

*Event sponsored by AUB Fountain Water.

*Event covered by HIP.


TIME: 6:00pm


ATTIRE: Important

Don’t miss this semester’s MOST OUTRAGEOUS EVENT!


Since 1942, AUB has wittnesed a yearly Folk Dance event (except in 1975-1977 because there Lebanon was facing slight technical difficulties). This year it will happen on the Oval. Its a nice event. Come.


The Provost Incident – 9 Steps

May 23, 2010
Protest Rawr
Step 1: Activists gather under college hall

Step 2:Activists push someone down

Provost Dallal

Step 3: Provost Dallal - Enter Scene -

Provost Dallal

Step 4: Provost Dallal - Monologue -


Step 5: Provost entices protestors. Activists engage.


Step 6: Organizers attempt to protect Dallal


Step 8: Provost pushes Organizer

Provost Dallal

Step 9: Provost pushes other organizer

Green Oval Status

May 21, 2010

Green Oval will be busy boycotting classes in the upcoming days.

Will be back when the 15-crdit policy is dropped.

11 Hours Till the Revolution

May 18, 2010

AUBites, please, expect the unexpected and make sure you have this song on your mind tomorrow:

The Oval Supports You.

The Math Behind the 15-Credit System

May 17, 2010

Dean of Student Affairs, Maroun Kisirwani, invtes you to meet with the AUB Administration:

Place           :       Bathish – West Hall
Time            :       4-5 pm
Date            :       Tuesday, May 18, 2010 

This invitation is preceded by an email explaining AUB’s new pricing policy which focuses on explaining that the 25% increase in revenue per student will:

(1) More than double the Financial Aid Budget from $13.7 million to $ 28.4 million in 2013.

(2) Inhance AUB’s NEW  Student Loan Program.

(3) Improve AUB’s socioeconomic diversity.

Now, the Oval sees it this way:

(1) 8,000 Students x 85% of students taking 15 credits or more x 3,500$/year = 23,800,000$/year EXTRA Revenue

(2) (28,400,000$ – 13,700,000$)/4 years = 3,675,000$ average increase in Financial Aid Budget per year .

(3) 23,800,000$ – 3,675,000$ = 20,125,000$ of surplus revenue / year that are very questionable.

(4) People (Upper Class) who are able to pay for 4,000$ per year will enter AUB. People(Middle Class) who can barely afford the 12-credit system but do are not eligible for Financial Aid will exit. People(Lower Class) who are eligble for Financial aid will enter.

= WIDENING the socioeconomic DIVIDE

(5) International College, a school that is closely related with AUB have an option on their student tuition to pay an extra fee per year that will go directly to Financial Aid = Charity is an Option

USFC Calls for Revolution

May 15, 2010
Call for Protest

Doest it take 25% to make a revolution?

Message from the Oval:

People of the AU, it is time to show that you, the students, the spirit of AUB, are not of weak fiber. Show that you are willing to stand up for your rights and the rights of others. The AU of B has been changing its policies for a while now. In addition to deciding to follow a 15 credit quota, it is considering changing the Financial Aid from decreasing a percentage of tuition to a loan form. The Oval asks you to come forth and show the generations before us that the spirit of AUB is not lost. That gathering under one cause to defend the right of education is a universal cause that unites us through borders and generations. We do not want change for AUB’s ‘Investors’. We want change for the Students. There are thousands of students in this university and there are only dozens board members and trustees. Let’s us show AUB that it better be on our side. AUB is not about new facility facades and images. AUB is about spirit and education. Students of the AU, The Oval has great expectations.


Protest on Facebook: click here

Remember, the Oval Needs You

AUB Trick #1 – How to ‘Get a Room’ and More

May 12, 2010

AUB Tricks

“Guys! Get a room!” How many times have you heard this sentence? Well, now, you can actually do it at the American Universe of Beirut! We are sure that many of you already know this trick but you can actually get a room to make your Public Display of Knowledge not that public using the Jafet Reserved Reading Rooms! You can chose ONE of FOUR sound proof glass rooms, each with a variety of options! Of course they come with the standard table, chairs, electricity outlet and whiteboard but each one is different! To do so, go here or memories ( and scroll down to Jafet Library and choose YOUR ROOM TODAY!

Reserved Reading Room AUB

Room 1: Provides a seaview that no other room (except Room 4) can provide! It is a breath taking view on the Mediterranean sea which allows you to contemplate the idea of throwing yourself in it instead of studying for that Math 204 exam that you and your friends decided to review in “Groups”.

Room 2: Is strategically situated in a position of power and public authority whilst giving an air of exceptional studying efficiency and focus. Room 2, a room with The Perfect Four Sides exposes majestically whatever you are doing and wearing through its state-of-the-art glass windows. Room 2 is perfect for those who-really-don’t-care-what-people-think-of-my-underwear.

Room 3: The Modest Room. You can clearly see through its clear encasement that this is a Room that should not be taken lightly. This Room is an art piece. It is inspired by the prefabricated houses of New Orleans. Room 3 puts you in awe of how fragile we really are. As buildings. As rooms… As human beings! It is a wonderful room, where your flank and underwear are protected. The door knob is broken by the way.

Room 4: The Other Room With the Seaview. This room is very similar to Room 1 but it is better. Not only does it provide the same seaview but it’s location is main added value here. Room 4 is build in the suburbs of Jafet’s Reading Room area. Here, the neighborhood is safer and quieter, very much like Canada where you can leave your front door unlocked. Room 4 also provides a long corridor where you could walk and breath in the fresh air of knowledge, away from the savage book worms.


When you go here to reserve your room, you suddenly find out that you can actually reserve many things on the web here at the American Universe of Beirut. As you slowly scroll down the page, please browse the items and facilities that you can reserve and you’ll find out that you can reserve a Bomb Calorimeter, a Vacuum Oven or even a Private Dinning Room. Also, the Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope is free all of next week!

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